Quote by William Irvin ThompsonThe Silent Spring for today’s environmental activists, Earth Calling: A Climate Change Handbook for the 21st Century offers an invitation to reestablish our relationship with nature and to repair our damaged environment.

“An eloquent plea to wake up to what we as humans are doing—and failing to do—for our land, air and water. Let us hearken to the trumpet they sound.”

—Peter Davis, director of the Academy Award-winning documentary, Hearts and Minds

“If I could, I would make Earth Calling required reading for every single person drawing a breath on this planet. We have strayed from our fundamental nature and we must find our way back to our primary rapport with the earth and our own life instincts before we lose sight of those precious instincts entirely.”

—Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit

To understand how the earth got to be in this state and what we all can do about it – both individually and collectively – buy this book today on Amazon.

Some more reviews from Amazon:

An exceptional and exceptionally important book

“The environmentalists’ literature, like most other forms of forward-thinking discourse, often finds itself preaching to the choir. This is certainly a fundamental problem. But not in this case.

“The scientifically inclined minds in the ‘environmental camp’ will find this book connecting the dots between their concerns, the state of affairs, and their own deepest spiritual questions. And those on the introspective quest will find Sacred Earth absolutely enlightening and integrating their sense of spirituality with nature stewardship, ultimately inspiring a greater sense of belonging.

“This empowering book is like a wonderfully holistic bridge, like a timely developed, robust, new circuitry between the metaphorical “left and right brain hemispheres” of the community pregnant with healing social change. Dive into it like there IS a tomorrow!”

—Eugene Nemirovsky

Informative and Inspirational: A Call to Action

“Earth Calling helps us “look squarely” at our problems with a wealth of highly readable facts and stories about the abuses of this place we call home. From climate change to fracking to industrial agriculture, the authors present these facts in a way that tells a sobering, yet honest, story about our negligent and harmful behavior and what it means to us, our children and to all living things.

“While Earth Calling presents a daunting cause for alarm, it also inspires us to action, and it provides us a wide menu of diverse options so we can find our own path to being a part of the solution instead of adding to our problems.

“If you always wanted to be active participant in protecting our earth, but were unsure of what to do, Earth Calling will show you the way.

“If the objective of “Earth Calling” was to inspire me to greater action, it sure worked. I’m now “all in” and I hope you will join me. Really, what other choice do we have?”

—L. Lazar

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